Helping you achieve the highest level of cannabis compliance and operations.

Trax Team Solutions is not your average cannabis consulting and training firm. We recognize how time-consuming and expensive it can be to keep up with constantly changing regulations and ancillary options.

We are passionate about providing truly innovative, cost-effective, long-lasting compliance, workflow, and B2B solutions to the cannabis industry.

Trax Team Solutions not only educates its clients on current regulations and industry best practices, it also shares the tools and resources each type of facility needs to ensure compliance and efficiency are maintained each and every day.

Our goal is to provide you with the skills and means to easily navigate and manage the many layers of compliance requirements and various business needs in your facility so you can focus on what you do best; cultivating, manufacturing, and selling cannabis.​


"The numerous resources offered by Trax have helped us achieve our goal of 100% compliance!

At Starbuds, we often say that we are in the compliance business first and foremost. Other than our customers, nothing is more important. That's why having the Trax Compliance Team on our side has been so beneficial. Amber brings years of experience and a scrupulous approach to conducting on-site audits and training for all of our locations. Throughout the process, the focus has been to ensure that, as a company, we are continuing to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. The on-site audits, detailed reports, and numerous resources offered by Trax have helped us achieve our goal of 100% compliance. I highly recommend Amber and the Trax team to anyone wanting to ensure that their cannabis business is compliant."


Joshua Riggs, 

COO - Starbuds

Denver, CO 

  • After almost a decade in the cannabis industry in a variety of positions, the founder, Amber Bacca, began to recognize a disturbing pattern... 


    "Many consulting firms were offering just enough information to clients to help them through their compliance hurdles, but not enough to allow them to manage anything on their own."


    Although this model is a great business strategy for consulting firms, it makes maintaining compliance for licensed businesses extremely expensive and burdensome.

  • In spring of 2017, Amber decided to take a sabbatical from her career in Colorado and drive up the west coast through several important cannabis states including California, Oregon, and Washington.


    Armed with an idea that she had developed the previous fall, she spent countless hours driving and lying awake at night, working towards solutions that would significantly reduce the cost of compliance for licensed cannabis businesses.

    This is where Trax Team Solutions was born. The name itself came to Amber one evening after she imbibed in a healthy dose of edibles and took a 4-mile walk down the beach in Redwood National Park where she was camping and enjoying one of the most beautiful places on earth. She wrote it in the sand, but it stuck.

  • Trax = Our innovative solutions are not only meant to help you learn how to easily manage compliance and operations within your facility, they will enhance transparency by tracking the completion of employee tasks each and every day.


    Team = Our cost-effective solutions are not just for owners and managers, they can be utilized by all team members and will help facilitate communication between them.


    Solutions = We are focused on creating trusted solutions for your business, your team, and our industry. We’re passionate about helping pre-licensed and licensed cannabis businesses achieve compliance and operational efficiency because we truly believe that the more of us who can run our businesses responsibly, the more we can continue growing the industry worldwide.

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