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Stakeholder praise

YOU are a valued cannabis industry stakeholder!

Trax Team Solutions is committed to bringing the most innovative and cost-effective compliance & workflow solutions to the cannabis industry and we can't do it without you! 


In our effort to provide your cannabis business with essential products and services, we pledge to listen to your challenges, needs, and desires. Our best solutions are born from your frustrations. We're happy to serve the industry we love and we look forward to seeing you and our industry succeed!





The numerous resources offered by Trax have helped us achieve our goal of 100% compliance!

At Starbuds, we often say that we are in the compliance business first and foremost. Other than our customers, nothing is more important. That's why having the Trax Compliance Team on our side has been so beneficial. Amber brings years of experience and a scrupulous approach to conducting on-site audits and training for all of our locations. Throughout the process, the focus has been to ensure that, as a company, we are continuing to adapt to the ever-changing regulatory landscape. The on-site audits, detailed reports, and numerous resources offered by Trax have helped us achieve our goal of 100% compliance. I highly recommend Amber and the Trax team to anyone wanting to ensure that their cannabis business is compliant. 

Joshua Riggs,  COO - Starbuds

Denver, CO 

The help I needed, when I needed it!

I put out a plea for help with some directives to our dispensary staff about the nuances of providing good information and suggestions without crossing the line of providing medical advice. I couldn't find any existing training materials so I was starting from scratch; the staff memo I drafted myself was rushed and missed some key pieces of context. Trax Team Solutions put something together for me within 72 hours that worked beautifully and met my needs exactly. It communicated everything I needed to, but in a more compassionate and elegant way. It will be a great resource for all new staff going forward. Thank you Trax Team Solutions, I will be back the next time I need help with staff training materials for my dispensary!


Chelsea Sutula, CEO - Sespe Creek Collective Inc.

Ojai, CA 



Amber is literally a WALKING TALKING MED encyclopedia!

Maneuvering through the stringent, sometimes vague, and ever-changing Marijuana rules and regulations can be overwhelming. Working with Cannabis Trainers has been a great tool to help educate our staff on compliance requirements. Taking it to the next level, we hired Amber of Trax Team Solutions to conduct a Facility Compliance Audit and a Compliance Binder audit.


Talk about impressive! Amber sat with our leadership team and asked over 150 questions relating to the MED rules and regulations to ensure we are running a compliant business. She also shared industry best practices along with required and recommended workflow documents to make sure we achieved 100% compliance.


Utilizing Amber's expertise enabled us to feel confident in our understanding of the compliance requirements of the cannabis industry. Her audit reports were detailed with references and I’m sure we’ll use as a roadmap for the future.


I highly recommend Trax Team Solutions for a Facility Compliance Audit and a Compliance Binder Audit. An investment worth the GREEN.


Susan Singleton, Owner - RIPE Dispensary 

Pueblo, CO 




Thank you, Trax Team Solutions!

After attending Trax Team Solutions’ compliance webinar “Maintaining OSHA Compliance”, I felt I had more than enough information to be confident in the understanding of true OSHA compliance. The webinar was extremely convenient and efficient in relaying all the necessary information to keep up with standards. We’ve taken their training and recommendations with the highest regard, and are now proud to say we have a firm grasp on maintaining OSHA compliance for our team and our facilities!  

With Trax Team Solutions offering many crucial courses with a convenient platform and affordable rates, we are already scheduling our next round of webinars.

Thank you Amber, and the rest of Trax Team Solutions! I look forward to continuing our relationship.


Ethan Shean, District Manager - Strawberry Fields

Pueblo, CO 




Bravo to Trax Team Solutions!

Just when you think you have all the regulations of the marijuana industry figured out, you look around and realize that all of the cleaning supplies and chemicals you use in your operation require Safety Data Sheets for that often forgotten government entity called OSHA, the Occupation Safety and Health Administration.

I recently participated in one of Trax Team Solution’s webinars; Maintaining OSHA Compliance. This hour long webinar was packed full of great information and provided our compliance team with a solid foundation of OSHA requirements.  We thought we had our OSHA compliance nailed down but after this webinar, we became aware that we were missing crucial paperwork in some areas. The webinar was very thorough, concise, convenient and affordable. 

I have already signed up for another Trax Team Solutions webinar addressing Labeling and Packaging for Dispensaries, as there are new labeling regulations coming 10/1/17.

Thank you, Trax Team Solutions! The Services that you offer are right on target for our Industry and your pricing is right on the money for our operation!

With Appreciation,
Brendan Fall, Chief Operations Officer - Kush Gardens, LLC

DeBeque, CO 


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